How long does it take for delivery?

Providing the item is in stock within 1-2 days, but not usually more than 1 week even if we have to order stock.


What is Renting?

Renting is the convenient and cheap way of getting the products you desire, whether appliances, Televisions, Computing or Furniture.

Care and maintenance is covered if it breaks down at no extra cost to you.


How much can I order in one go?

Depends on what is required, usually we can offer 2 products, washer and dryer for example.

Once you have made some payment history with us, more products can be ordered.


Why are you so cheap?

We are a small family business, and have no need to charge high prices, compared to High st equivalents. 


Do you install appliances?

Appliances are installed free of charge to a working ready space, however, should pipework not be available advice would be given.

Gas and electric cookers are fitted by external approved agents, a connect cost may apply if needed.


What happens if it breaks down?

If you call 01283 561000 we will organise same day or next day repairs. 

If the appliance can't be repaired on site, a loan machine will be offered whist the faulty appliance is taken away for repair.